Are you ready to get grounded?

Right now you may feel this frentic, anxious, bizarre energy that is crashing into your life.

Car accidents...Computer crashes...Missed communication points...Irrational feelings...Quick to anger...Foggy brain... 

And all the while you feel like you are out of time, need to get shit done, can't go fast enough, right? 

I'm here to tell you this is a normal reaction to a new moon that's moving us into Mercury Retrograde. 

And instead of getting all panicked and yuck...

There is an option. 

Stop. Drop. and BREATHE

Here is an intention setting & grounding meditation from me to you. Its totally FREE.

Let this cool your jets.

Pick something everyday that is in your control. Whether it be yoga, meditation, a dance party, good food...make it your intention to take care of yourself.

And then...listen to this meditation, before during and after those feelings of helpless spinning. 

When everything feels out of control. Let this anchor your soul so you can still be the creator and leader you are meant to be. 




© Willow Bradner